The Medium is the Massage (1960)

Visually arresting and intellectually prescient, McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage is a concise but engaging text. It impresses for it’s astute observations of how modern technology has rendered conventional print media as obsolete, refashioning how people consume and interact with information. McLuhan stresses how this has had a democratising effect; technology being able to disseminate data […]

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The Fall – Series 1 (2013)

Disturbingly brilliant, The Fall works so well for the way it allows it’s two leads to dominate the series to give great textured performances. Real weight is given to police procedural and psychological motivation to understand a violent criminal and those that pursue him. That both characters are so charismatic, allied to a skilfully shot cinematography and […]

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The Last of Us: Left Behind (2014)

Probably the greatest compliment that could be paid to Left Behind is how natural it would feel if it were inserted into the original The Last of Us experience. Taking place between the two of the original game’s chapters, Left Behind works to give depth to a part of the story which made a significant, though plausible, jump in narrative. […]

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Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Edge of Tomorrow’s greatest trick is subverting the typecasting of Tom Cruise, whose character is, initially, unlikeable, conniving and combat incompetent. So sets in motion a likeable science fiction film which neatly spins the alien invasion trope by melding it with Ground Dog day. Due to a quirk of fate, Tom Cruise’s character is forced to […]

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Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015)

The original Hotline Miami was a 16-bit stylised action game of hyper violence which served as a veneer to explore the nature of video-game violence. It oozed style, combining hallucinatory garish visuals with a superb electronic soundtrack. It was a novel game which satisfied on a mechanical level, through a competitive combo system, as well as artistically […]

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Breaking Bad – Series 1 (2008)

Breaking Bad’s bizarre premise of a banal everyman driven to increasingly desperate acts of criminality, most specifically the manufacture of illicit drugs through his professional knowledge of chemistry, feels like it shouldn’t work. But the results are surprisingly compelling, the series never losing it’s handle on reality even through moments of plausible absurdity. It’s held together by […]

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Little Miss Sunshine (2004)

Whimsical and endearing, Little Miss Sunshine’s strength is its supremely well cast characters whose grating and flawed personalities work wonders on screen. Placing them all in such close proximity through the conceit of the road movie means the film’s focus is on their interplay of quick fire dialogue. It’s message of celebrating individuality and non-uniformity is sound, […]

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